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November 05
Reminder: SET surveys begin week 7 through week 8

​Your students should be receiving an email soon in their SCTD email account inviting him or her to evaluate your class. Please direct any questions about the SET to Becca Prater at

November 05
Dare to Care Food Drive

Drop off nonperishable food items to the Dare to Care food drive box at Student Services. Please remember our less fortunate neighbors as we approach the holiday season! The food drive will continue until Nov. 20th.  Thank you for your generosity!

October 28
Halloween Bash
Don't forget the Halloween Bash is going to be this Thursday, Oct. 29th at 7 p.m.!
There well be fun activities such as a costume contest, pumpkin carving, pizza and much more!
You may pick up your pumpkin and carving supplies starting at noon. Pumpkin judging will be at 6 p.m.
All activities will be held at the ETB.

September 09
Summer 15 Quarter


Good Afternoon!
It is already Week 11, how did time fly by so fast?! Please post final grades by the deadlines listed.
·         Final Grades are due by midnight on Sunday, September 13th . Directions for posting final grades to your faculty portal are listed below. If you have questions or problems accessing the portal to post your grades send me an email, get with Dean Mitchell at 213-8212, or contact the CampusVue Support team at 413-8800. It is imperative your grades are posted on time.
·         Submit your gradebook to Katelyn. Email Katelyn a copy of your SU15 Gradebook, or put a copy in her mailbox, as quick as possible. All gradebooks need to be submitted by September 16th (with the exception of updated gradebooks submitted with any grade changes).
Sullivan College of Technology & Design Instructions for entering Midterm & Final Grades
To enter the CampusVue faculty portal and enter student grades, follow the steps below:
1.    Log on to your computer at school or at home as you usually do.
2.    Use the Microsoft Internet Explorer, and go to
3.    Enter your username as your first name initial and your last name run together in small case letters (i.e., John Doe would use
4.    Enter your password, the same password that you use to log onto the computer.
5.    After entering your username and password, click the Login button, and this will take you to the Faculty Portal Website.
6.    Click on the My Classes tab located on the left-hand side of the page to locate your Class Schedule and/or your Gradebook. When using either of these pages, be sure to select the current quarter to view.
7.    Once in the Gradebook section, select a class. Then select the Final Grades tab. It will bring up the list of students that are still in the class. Students that have been dropped or have withdrawn will not appear. The appropriate grade is already in the system for them. Enter the grades for each student. You also have the option of entering a comment and/or a numeric grade for the student if you wish to do so. This is not required though. Once done entering grades for the class, click the “Post Final Grades” button. This completes the process and officially posts or transmits the grade information.
8.    Once you’ve posted the grades, you cannot change the grade information that has been entered. If a correction needs to be made, please contact someone in the Registrar’s Office.
9.    After entering the grade information for one class, use the Back button to go back to the first page of the website where your classes are listed. Click on another class, and repeat the process. Do this until all grades have been entered for all your classes.
10.  Instructors are required to enter final grades of A, B, C, D, F for all students. When posting final grades, feel free to leave a comment that students will see on their student portal.
August 25
SCTD Library is on Twitter!

​Follow the SCTD Library Twitter feed for announcements and notifications of new book purchases! You won't be inundated with lots of unwanted tweets! 

Find us at @sctdlibrary.

August 14
SET Survey begins this week
Students will receive a link to the SET surveys in their student email.

August 14
Spirit Week Is This Week!

Activities will take place at noon to 1 p.m. and 7 - 8 p.m. behind the administration building.

Monday: Frisbee golf, snow cones. Dress in SCTD spirit wear.

Tuesday: Corn hole, nachos and IIDA bake sale. Dress in your favorite decade!

Wednesday: Volleyball, pizza and Red Cross Blood Drive. Dress in your favorite sports team spirit wear!

Thursday: Chalk art contest judging and ice cream social. Dress in your favorite superhero, cartoon or movie character wear!

NOTICE: All blood donors on Wednesday will recieve a free KINGS ISLAND pass!

August 06
Canned Food Drive to Benefit Needy SCTD Students

​SCTD is hosting a canned food drive that will benefit students at SCTD who may not have steady or reliable access to food! Helping students with this basic need will certainly help them to find success in classes! Please consider donating some food to this very worthy cause. You may donate food items to Cherise Mingus, SCTD's Entry and Retention Specialist by August 21st. Those who donate 5 items or more qualify to wear jeans on August 21st!

August 04
Eat Your Spinach! Blood Drive on August 19th

The Red Cross Blood Mobile will be on the SCTD Campus on Aug. 19th, during Spirit week! Please consider donating this generous gift and save a life! The Blood Mobile will be here during morning and evening hours. There is time to eat your spinach and other iron rich foods before August 19th. Be sure to eat a good meal before donating blood.

August 04
Consider Donating School Supplies to Wayside Mission!

SCTD is gathering school items for kids in grades 3-5 who are residing or receiving services from Wayside Mission. Pencils, wide ruled paper, scissors, rulers, folders, glue sticks, etc. Items that will fit into a back pack. Items can be dropped off at Student Services until this Thursday, Aug. 6. Help make going to school a success for a needy child and pick up some supplies by Thursday. Thank you!

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