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June 30
Location List for Summer 2014
May 19

The Administrative Office will be closed Monday, May 26th in observance of the Memorial Day Holiday.  There are no resident or web-assist classes on that day.

Learn more about memorial day at

Memorial Day

October 18



DATE:  Week 6, October 28-31 (You may choose which day to attend.)


TIME:  5 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.


WHERE:  Administrative Building, Room 201, Conference Area


Agenda Items:  Dean Alert, Faculty Retreat, Faculty Web Pages, Calendar, Retention


Please let me know if there is a topic you would like added to the agenda.


October 18
Faculty Retreat Registration Deadline is October 24
As a reminder, the 2013 SUS Faculty Retreat will be held on November 2, 2013, at Sullivan University’s main (Louisville) Campus.  This year’s retreat is a one day event with many great professional development activities planned. 
If you have not yet registered for the event, please do so at
Registration will remain open until 11:59 pm on Thursday, October 24. You can now view the agenda and presentation schedule online.  Check back periodically for additional details and updates, which will follow throughout October.
All full-time faculty are expected to make arrangement to attend, and adjunct faculty are invited to attend.
See you  November 2nd
The 2013 SUS Faculty Retreat Planning Committee

July 30
Faculty Retreat--Hope to see you there!

To All Sullivan University Faculty:

The 2013 SUS Faculty Retreat will be held on November 2, 2013 at Sullivan University’s main (Louisville) Campus.  The link to view this year’s activities is:
All full-time faculty are expected to make arrangement to attend and adjunct faculty are invited to attend.
This year’s event is a one day event with many great Professional Development Activities planned.
Please visit the web site for more information.
Tim Swenson
2013 SUS Faculty Retreat Chair


July 18
Library Survey Now Open

It’s time again to complete our annual Library Survey.  Please take a few minutes to complete the survey by clicking on this link:

The survey is part of the Library staff’s continuous effort to improve the resources available to faculty and students. 
The site will be open through Friday, July 26, 2013.
Thank you for your participation in this important survey.


April 25
Mid-term Grades due Monday, 4/29/13, at Noon


 Midterm Grades

You may enter your grades from
MondayApril 22nd thru Monday, April 29th at noon
NOTE: We are aware that there are many options listed but your only options for a grade are D, F, S. (The letter S means Satisfactory work earning an A, B, or C).
Click Faculty Portal Homepage
Faculty Portal Homepage
Faculty Login Here
Type in your Username       Faculty members will append to the username
Type in your Password        Faculty portal password will be the same password used to login to the network or check email.
Click Login Button
A “My Calendar” screen will appear

Scroll down toward the button of the screen to locate your class(es)

Select class by placing the icon over the course number
Select Midterm grade Button
A list of your students will appear, please check the list before you post the grades
Select a grade for each student.  NOTE: We are aware that there are many options listed but your only options for a grade are D, F, S.  (The letter S means Satisfactory work earning an A, B, or C).
After submitting a grade for each student, select POST MIDTERM GRADES
If you have more then one class to post, select the Back button
Start the process again, but this time you will not see the “My Calendar” screen
If you require any assistance, please contact our office.
Donya M. Bell,
Associate Registrar
P.S.  Any Midterm grades that are not posted by the deadline will result in the instructor informing the students of their status in that class.  The students must be informed before the 7th week of the quarter to give them enough time to withdraw, if they see the need to do so.


February 28
Important 2013 Dates


Winter 2013 Quarter

Ends March 17

One week break--March 18-24


Spring 2013 Quarter

March 25 - June 9

Holiday--Memorial Day; Monday, May 27 (10th week of class) 

Break--June 10-23


Summer 2013 Quarter

June 24-September 8

Holiday--Independence Day; Thursday, July 4 (2nd week of class)

Holiday--Labor Day; Monday, September 2 (11th week of class)

Break--September 9-22


Fall 2013 Quarter

September 23-December 15

Thanksgiving Week--November 25-29

Break--December 16-January 1 



February 28
Uploading Winter Quarter Grades

Please be sure to upload your winter grades at the end of the quarter..  ​


IMPORTANT--REMINDER:  Don’t forget to upload your grades at the end of the quarter. --IMPORTANT
All instructors must upload their grades each quarter to the Sullivan University Institutional Research site. 
Instructions for accessing the site to enter gradebooks is listed below.  More detailed instructions are on the site.  Grades can be entered through scans of the grade books, electronic documents, or from the Angel gradebook.  (Our office copier has scanning capabilities.)
Please enter your fall grades at the end of the quarter; and let me know when this is done.  If you need assistance or have questions, please contact me. 
 Instructions for creating your folder and uploading your fall 2011 grade files. 
1.       Navigate to  Enter your user ID and password; same ones you use for e-mail.
2.       Click on Information Repositories on the left-hand menu.
3.       Click on the Grade Books link.
4.    Go to site actions and click on View all Site Content.
5.    Select Grade books.
6.    At the top of the screen, click on documents under library tools.
7.    Select New Folder.
8.       Enter the name for the folder. (see the naming conventions below)
9.    Click Save.
2.   Upload the document to the folder.
a.  Click on the folder name to enter the folder.
b.  Click the Add Document link.
c.  Browse to the document.
d.  Click the OK button.
Additional instructions for uploading a grade book to the document library and preparing a grade book for storage can be found on the site. (For convenience I pasted the information below as well.)
For a paper grade book:
1.       Photocopy the dual page format reducing the size to 64% of the original.  This will place the two-page grade book format on a single 8.5 x 11 page.
2.       Scan the pages into a PDF file using your copier’s Image Send feature.
3.       Apply the appropriate naming convention.
For a file-based grade book:
1.       Save the file as a PDF file.  But DON'T do this for an Excel file.  Keep Excel files as is.
2.       Apply the appropriate naming convention.
For Angel (and similar) grade books:
1.       Click on Print Grades (the fourth option on the Gradebook page).
2.       Click Generate PDF.
3.       Save a copy of the PDF file using the appropriate naming convention.
4.       Remember that other grade book software packages may require different steps.
Use this naming convention:
For an individual course:
Last Name_First Name_Quarter_GRADES_Course Code_Section.pdf
i.e.          Allen Antonia_Winter11_GRADES_FYE101_FY012.pdf
For an entire grade book for the quarter:
Last Name_First Name_Quarter_GRADES.pdf
i.e.          Allen Antonia_Winter11_GRADES.pdf
This will be an ongoing requirement for full-time and adjunct faculty as we make this part of our process for closing out a quarter. 
Thank you for all your efforts! 


December 07
IMPORTANT Change in Sullivan University's Attendance Policy

** READ ** READ **  READ ** READ ** READ **
Attendance Policy:
Sullivan University cares that students attend their courses. Just as showing up for work is critically important to job security and work effectiveness, showing up for class is critically important for mastering the career skills and concepts necessary to obtain, maintain, and be promoted on a job. Every effort should be made to attend and academically engage in every class and/or laboratory session. If it becomes necessary for a student to drop a course, or to withdraw from school entirely, an official withdrawal form should be completed in Enrollment Services at the Louisville campus, in Academic Services at the Lexington campus, in the Administrative office at the Fort Knox campus, and/or for online courses, by contacting the e-Learning academic services staff at All students who withdraw or are withdrawn from the University are required to complete a Financial Aid Exit Interview with the Financial Planning department.
As of the winter, 2013 term, attendance will be recorded for each class meeting and absences that exceed the standards of this policy will result in students being administratively dropped from the course(s) affected.  Attendance is taken and instructors are directed to report student attendance through the University’s student records management system as follows:
Ø       Day school attendance should be posted within 12 hours of a class meeting conclusion.
Ø       Evening and weekend courses that meet one time each week should be posted once each week and within 12 hours of a class meeting conclusion. 
Ø       Attendance is taken and reported twice each week for online and hybrid courses.  Online and hybrid course attendance should be posted on every Monday and Thursday.  Faculty will determine whether a student demonstrated academic engagement since the last attendance posting based on the guidance contained within this policy.  Attendance for online and hybrid courses require “academic engagement” and/or physical attendance, when appropriate, in hybrid courses.
Within the parameters of the add/drop policy, a student will become active in a course as follows:
Ø       On-campus courses become active when a student physically attends the course and attendance is posted for the first time. 
Ø       Online or hybrid courses become active when attendance is first posted based on physical attendance; evidence of academic engagement; or, participation in an academically-related activity.
At the beginning of each term, if a student does not attend and does not have attendance posted for a course within the parameters of the add/drop policy, the student will have the course removed from their schedule of classes for the term.  Once a student is made active in a course through the attendance reporting process, he/she will remain active in the course unless he/she:
Ø       Officially withdraws from the course;
Ø       Is administratively dropped from the course for physical non-attendance
Ø       Is administratively dropped from the course for lack of academic engagement (usually online);
Ø       Is administratively withdrawn from the course for other reasons, e.g., disciplinary suspension, etc. 
Attendance Standards/Requirements:
Ø       For courses that meet 4 days per week, students will be dropped on the 8th cumulative absence.
Ø       For courses that meet 2 days per week for twice the amount of time of a traditional course, students will be dropped on the 4th cumulative absence.
Ø       For courses that meet 1 day per week, students will be dropped on the 2nd consecutive absence.
Ø       For online and hybrid courses, students will be dropped on the 3rd consecutive absence.
Ø       For 5 ½ week courses in the College of Information and Computer Technology, students will be dropped on the 2nd consecutive absence.
Students who are dropped for non-attendance or lack of academic engagement will receive an “NF”.  The “NF” is placed on the student’s transcript and is effectively the same as an “F” in calculating grade point average and completion rate.  Students dropped from a course for disciplinary or other reasons will receive an “NF”.   Students who receive all NF’s and who become inactive will be considered as having unofficially withdrawn from the University and will need to utilize the University’s re-entry process if and when a student is desirous of re-entering.  Students who receive one or more NF’s but who subsequently complete the official withdrawal process up through the seventh week (or its equivalent for courses that meet less than 11 weeks) will be eligible to receive W’s for their course(s). 
When evaluating whether a student attends a course, whether live, online or hybrid, the following, as defined with guidance of the U.S. Department of Education, constitutes attendance/academic engagement:

Ø       Attendance at an academically-relevant event (includes physically attending class).

Ø       Submitting an assignment to a drop box for an online or hybrid course.
Ø       Taking an exam or quiz, including a syllabus quiz.
Ø       Participating in an online discussion or “Ask the Instructor” forum in which the student discusses an academic matter directly relevant to the course.
Ø       Completing a tutorial or computer-based instructional module (along with a way to verify that each student completed the tutorial or instructional module).
Simply logging into an online course, without engaging in one or more of the above activities, does not qualify as “academic engagement” or “attendance at an academically-related event”.
If the University is delayed or closed due to inclement weather or other emergency, courses that do not meet will not be counted against the student.  However, the University reserves the right to require a make-up of course time to ensure appropriate instructional time.  Failure to attend a scheduled make-up session could be counted as an absence.
Except for Doctor of Pharmacy students (whose attendance policy may be found in the College of Pharmacy Student Handbook), this policy applies to all courses and programs, both undergraduate and graduate.
Instatement following the drop/add period and reinstatement to a course following an administrative drop may only be made for good cause and such requires the approval of the instructor and an authorized academic administrator on the appropriate form or other appropriate documentation which will be kept in the student’s academic file.  Missed attendance due to late entry will not be excused and will count toward the maximum number of allowable absences.
When a student is dropped from or withdraws from a course, this is reflected in the student’s satisfactory academic progress.  If the student does not become and remain active in all courses for which he/she is registered, the student’s enrollment status will be adjusted which may have an impact on the amount of financial assistance for which the student is eligible.  Last dates of attendance in courses determined by this attendance policy will be used in calculating when and to what extent funds must be returned to financial aid funding sources.  See the Financial Planning office for more information, or, refer to the “Financial Information” section of the catalog for policy details.


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